Russia to display innovative designs, devices at EXPO-2012

Russia will display a number of innovative designs and devices at the EXPO-2012 international exhibition, which is dedicated to the study and protection of the World Ocean, and is due to kick off in the South Korean port city of Yeosu on May 12.

In the Russian pavilion, visitors will see a scale model of a floating nuclear power plant, and learn about the operation of one of the world’s most advanced safety systems, used to cope with nuclear power plant accidents.

Also on display will be a scale model of a new-generation nuclear-powered icebreaker, unparalleled anywhere in the world. Russia-made MIR deep-sea submersibles are known to be of interest to one and all. The submersibles, of which one was used to help film John Cameron’s The Titanic on the ocean floor, are also due to be exhibited in South Korea.